Primary acquaintance

Hyip.Space is an automated service for monitoring investment projects, bloggers and monitoring.

Hyip.Space is a unified platform for communication on investment in the Internet. This is an automated forum. For each new project, forum automatically creates a branch for communication and project discussion.

The project has been added to our database and after that it is tested. Project data is collected, after which all this is became available to you for analysis.

You can see options like:

- Technical information

- Health

- Tech. Rating

- Analysis of the quality of the project, design

- The dynamics of the project on various advertising resources

- Total deposit sum, according to public data from monitoring

- Total deposit sum, according to your portfolio data on Hyip.Space

Health and Rating

Health is a collection of data that consists of user activity during communication, the appearance of new users in the project branch, the deposits amount , the deposits number, the deposits dynamic of and a number of other data that must be kept secret so that no one has the possibility of cheating.

In other words - “The higher the activity of investors, the higher the health of the project”

This indicator can be used as a estimation of the projects long-term duration, but cannot be used as an advice/action for investment.

Rating – This is a set of project technical characteristics, its execution, design.

In other words  – «The better the project is made, the higher its rating»

This parameter indicates only that the project is done very well, that a good amount of money and time was spent on its creation. But it cannot be used as an advice/action for investment.


What are 2 types of investments used for?

Usually, monitoring sites are engaged in overstating deposits, transmitting false information, or the administrators of investment projects do it themselves.

This is done to stand out among others in order to better sell ad space or to get higher positions on services like Hyip.Space.

That's why, it was decided to make a separate investment schedule, which is filled by investors themselves on the Hyip.Space 

Of course, such data can also be cheated and transmit false numbers. But we came up with some ways to filter out data. We keep secret the method of accounting for your deposits in public data so that it is not possible to overstate the data.

Therefore, do not be surprised and do not ask why your deposit was not taken into account on the chart diagram. You just haven't passed our test yet. Over time, if you are an honest investor, your deposits will be added instantly.