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14.02.2021 12:13

The new project is a sleeper, but at the same time in a good design that is already recognizable to us. There is no need to describe the execution of the project, it's all clear. But marketing is interesting. 


Considering that the project is from an administrator with experience and many who are already talking about this, tariff plans will contribute to slow development. From the start, only the first tariff plan is open. The rest will open gradually, increasing the overall interest of the game. 

14.02.2021 12:07

Many times I was advised this project and I decided to study it more closely. It was made quite simply, using template, but still, the project has a unique script, an excellent technical basis. If you believe the insider, then in the past, the admin had a positive project that gave a powerful profit. 


Admin doesn't buy a lot of ads among blogs and monitors. The project is being developed with the help of network leaders and information via personal messages. In addition, the project will be promoted through Yandex.Direct. So the admin avoids the hyip's audience, and prefers the one that reinvests and develops smoothly. 

14.02.2021 12:02

The project does not buy advertising on monitors and blogs. All development goes only by flurfunk  and personal messages, and with the help of structural leaders. 


The project is done quite simply, both outside and inside. I invest in a project not because of its quality, but because of its progress and a good opportunity to go through at least a one round. 

06.02.2021 09:26

According to rumors, the administration here has a fairly large set of projects that worked perfectly and gave a great profit. At the same time, the administration is not interested in CIS traffic and buying listings. Therefore, we do not see it on blogs. 


The site itself is excellent, the technical part is at a good level. The site design is simple for a giant. But it seems that the site will still be improved, since some sections are inactive. So we'll be wait and see. 

29.01.2021 09:29

I marked this project in "Today's new hyips" on the Hyip.Space service 23rd January 2021 . It works very smoothly, does not buy ads, it is clear that the admin is in no hurry. I like its development and that the project itself is well done. 


Although the design is template, it is well developed, including the personal account. Decent work. Marketing of a profitable average interest rate is used and, plus, a secret tariff plan will be opened. 

24.12.2020 18:46

This is a former sleeper who secretly worked for 1 year and 7 months. A very good moment for rebranding and a smooth start of development. The updated design is attractive enough, though simple. Marketing with limits that will gradually increase.

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05.03.2021 07:47

The blog E-Invest posted a to his own website project and invites you to invest.

04.03.2021 16:34

The blog E-Invest posted a to his own website project and invites you to invest.

03.03.2021 04:14

The blog E-Invest posted a to his own website project and invites you to invest.

26.02.2021 03:12

The blog E-Invest posted a to his own website project and invites you to invest.