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20.05.2021 11:01

The project is well prepared, the design is attractive and compact enough. The project has a fairly attractive set of tariff plans that allow you to make short deposits and, but to get a good profit. At the same time, the affiliate program is, I would say, like a sleeper. 

20.05.2021 10:28

If we compare the project to the HYIP category, then this is a truly unique and elegantly elaborated legend, with live official representatives who ready to meet. This is a fairly unique project created for a functioning business and has a strong foundation that does not need any hyip advertising. 

The project site is on the .Ru domain, which is not very good, but this is just a landing page. The project itself is located on the domain  Raf.System, which is a safer solution. 

20.05.2021 10:14

The technical visualization of the site is excellent, there is a lot of preparation here, which means that a long work is foreseen. There are also mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The design of the project is attractive and the personal account is made quite simple and native, despite the slight difficulties in the tariff plans. 

23.03.2021 16:57

There were quite positive rumors about the administration. But since usually projects from this administration work for a very long time, there was no hurry. And I decided to join the project and take an active position. The project is worth it. 


The project has excellent quality, great design, the personal account is not very simple and provides excellent opportunities for the investor. Advertising for such projects, as always, through direct and social networks, with a large number of ruble payment systems. 

23.03.2021 14:45

After two rounds, bloggers began to talk about the project, hinting at an administrator with experience. Colleagues started investing their money in the project.

After that, I decided to invest and look for the insider. And I found out that the project has a really experienced team that has produced great projects in the past. For example, one of the last, gave half a year of work with  complex marketing. 

The project has an excellent technical part, it is a self-written script and a well-developed unique design and Green Bar. PerfectMoney wallet verified in Britain, excellent hosting. That is, the preparation is great. The admin tries to work for a foreign audience.

Marketing allows to pass a quick rounds. And the project itself has the support of both advertisers and investors themselves. 

21.03.2021 10:53

There was positive information about this project and I decided to join for a long reinvestment. The project was launched in October 2020 and after almost 5 months, made a rebranding. But at the time of adding to the blog, the project still does not have much advertising. 


The project has hourly plans with a low interest rate that  makes him a mid-interest HYIP. This is the so-called Chinese hourly. 

12.03.2021 07:57

A new investment project from a series of sleepers, but in a very cool performance. Really, a handsome sleeper. Plus, the project has cool marketing, with achievement levels in the form of statuses that allow you to open more profitable tariffs. 


К примеру, вы можете сделать оборотку своих депозитов и получить доступ к закрытым тарифам.
Если у вас есть рефералы, то при наборе оборотки их депозитов, вам будут открываться более выгодные тарифы.
А можете инвестировать на тарифы активаторы, которые кстати так же достаточно профитные.

12.03.2021 07:41

I continue my experiment of working with closed chats and complex shenanigans with a series of projects from the same admins. This project is unremarkable. Standard design, technical part and implementation. 


The admin works with his audience and through word of mouth. No Hyip ads, no blogging, no monitoring, no listings. But, we have already participated in a number of projects from this category and received excellent profits. 

14.02.2021 12:13

The new project is a sleeper, but at the same time in a good design that is already recognizable to us. There is no need to describe the execution of the project, it's all clear. But marketing is interesting. 


Considering that the project is from an administrator with experience and many who are already talking about this, tariff plans will contribute to slow development. From the start, only the first tariff plan is open. The rest will open gradually, increasing the overall interest of the game. 

14.02.2021 12:07

Many times I was advised this project and I decided to study it more closely. It was made quite simply, using template, but still, the project has a unique script, an excellent technical basis. If you believe the insider, then in the past, the admin had a positive project that gave a powerful profit. 


Admin doesn't buy a lot of ads among blogs and monitors. The project is being developed with the help of network leaders and information via personal messages. In addition, the project will be promoted through Yandex.Direct. So the admin avoids the hyip's audience, and prefers the one that reinvests and develops smoothly.