Service news
06.06.2020 11:45

We inform you that we have implemented a detailed notifications configuration on the service. There are a lot of different notifications on the service and you can specifically disable or enable each of them. And set up notifications by mail or in Private messages or both.

In the coming days we will complete the Telegram bot and you can configure notifications in it.

19.05.2020 08:40

Dear Hyip.Space Service Users!

We made updates on the site, which you will learn about in this news.


Please study the updates and use them for your convenience.

29.04.2020 14:15

Dear Hyip.Space Service Users

We inform you that we have implemented the Mutual PR function. This is a free and semi-automatic function of adding your resource to our database.

In the account settings, set the Monitoring status if you are monitoring service or if you do not have a site, but you have YouTube or Telegram channels.
Set your status to Blogger if you have a own blog.

Next, go to the Mutual PR section and submit a request for addition.

17.04.2020 12:10

DearиHyip.Space Service Users!, for stable operation of mailing lists and not getting letters into spam, we made the function of confirming the mailing address.

Without confirmation of his mail, the user will not be able to leave comments, to use the automated investment portfolio and notification settings.

To confirm your mail, please go to your profile and send a letter to your mail. Follow the link in the letter - so you confirm the mail and open access to all functions of the service.

15.04.2020 07:00

Dear Hyip.Space Service Users!

We made additional improvements to our investment portfolio. Fixed bugs with the report withdrawals on closed deposits, and corrected the output of information in the Portfolio Race.

Added the ability to enter the compensation sum that you received from your upliner.

Added the ability to free subscription to your own portfolio to any user.

04.04.2020 10:25

We have added a number of updates to the investment portfolio, and finalized the automation of some important functions and notifications. In the near future we will start working with bloggers and monitoring services. Thus, the base will be filled and the mechanism of work will be improved in the process.

Now you can try out new opportunities of the Investment Portfolio.

10.03.2020 14:35

Dear Hyip.Space  Users!

We made a number of updates, they were gradual and implemented in the development process. Therefore, you have already know many things.

14.03.2018 19:57

Hello, dear investors and players of the Hyip world!

Only 2 weeks have passed since the full launch of the service. And we have done a lot of work on bugs and updates. Service is gradually becomingovergrown with powers of technical and fundamental analysis.

For 2 weeks, daily attendance of the service has grown exactly 2 times –  that is, an increase is +100%. It pleases, the service is beginning its development path, every day there are new registrations.

Let me remind you that we have a Referral Program – as soon as the service starts accepting payment for its services, it will be possible to earn pretty much.

19.01.2018 12:23

Dear players of the Hyipworld!

We have implemented the home page of the service. It containsinitial information about projects and bloggers.

Also, we have shuffled blocks in the "Blog Monitoring" section.

13.01.2018 19:20

Hyip.Space is an automated monitoring service for investment projects, as well as bloggers, advertisers. As you know, there are a lot of services that simply monitor new projects, show some technical information, on which forums and on which blogs the projects are. Also they provide information on the amount of deposits. This, perhaps, is all that such services are capable of.
We moved a lot further and decided to create a global platform, a global base of the Hyip world. Imagine, absolutely all the information that can help in the analysis of projects, in the analysis of project development, projectmonitoring, deposits, payments, where and when the project was posted, is in one place.
You no longer need to run around blogs, monitors, browsing a lot of sites every day. Now everything will be in one place. Subsequently, the service will be translated into all popular languages of the world, thus the entire world will be on this site.