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Home page implemented!

Dear players of the Hyipworld!

We have implemented the home page of the service. It containsinitial information about projects and bloggers.

Also, we have shuffled blocks in the "Blog Monitoring" section.

On March 18, the section was launched: Today's new hyips

In this section, we will write daily about all new hyips, which appeared on the Internet during the past day.

At the same time, we will give our subjective evaluation of projects and point out promising ones.


Of course, this is just our subjective opinion and we do not claim that this is a true opinion. But the experience of working in hyips since 2009 allows us to draw certain conclusions on projects.

You may take our opinion into account or not.


At the moment, we are modifying the parsing system, while there are problems with checking SSL encryption and Whois data, but everything can be solved.

There are also some bugs with screenshots of projects and some small nuances that we will try to remove in the shortest possible time. As soon as we implement everything more or less, the service will be translated into English.


We invite bloggers to cooperate. So far everything is free! You can test the service, express your wishes.

Investors can share their referral links with all friends and acquaintances. When the service is fully launched, a person who will have a good referral structure will earn very well on the full passive.


A chat was also created in Telegram, where you can discuss any Hyip projects: @hyipspace

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