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Service Updates 15.04.2020

Dear Hyip.Space Service Users!

We made additional improvements to our investment portfolio. Fixed bugs with the report withdrawals on closed deposits, and corrected the output of information in the Portfolio Race.

Added the ability to enter the compensation sum that you received from your upliner. In the options of your transaction, the item Compensation has been added. It appears only on those deposits where you received a loss.

In the report, you can choose,  show you the report with compensation or not, same thing with RCB.

Added the ability to free subscription to your own portfolio to any user. For example, if you want to encourage your referral and give him free access, just enter his username and issue an email.

You can choose 1 month subscription or forever.


What next?



Now we are working on the validation of e-mails on the service. The fact is that the service has a lot of notifications, therefore a lot of mailings. This is perceived as spam by mail services.

At the moment, we have disabled all mailings. Now we are implementing the ability to confirm mail. Without mail confirmation, users will not be able to use all the functions of Hyip.Space.
By this way we will create a clean database of mails to which mailings will be made in the form of notifications.

Later we will make a functional that allows you to choose what letters you want to receive.

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