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Service Updates 19.05.2020

The following updates were made on the Hyip.Space service:

1. Fixed bugs with accruals in the Investment Portfolio. Added all missed accruals.
2. Added the ability to fund the balance using PerfectMoney and Payeer.
3. Commenting rules have been added, namely:
- You can write a one comment in one minute
- Within 30 minutes, after writing a comment, you can delete or edit your comment
- If your comment is quoted you will receive a notification in private messages
4. The financial part of the service has been debugged (in the future there will be a change in pricing policy for better way)
5. Improving the referral program. You will receive 10% of absolutely all purchases on the service, which will make your referral.
6. Corrected a number of buggs and flaws.
7. We added the ability to add a review to the technical analysis of any project manually, if you, for example, are a YouTube blogger or have a Telegram channel only .
To activate this function, you need to make Monitoring or Blogger status in your profile and go to the Mutual PR section. Follow the terms of mutual PR, apply for verification.

What's next:

1. Implementation of the most flexible notification system. Adding new notification methods, including Push notifications on the purchase of banners on the service.
2. Connect mailing lists.
3. Adding a points system.
4. Creating a Telegram bot.
5. Adding the possibility of ordering and paying RCB through the Hyip.Space service for any user. If you do not have your own site, you can pay RCB through our service.

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Отлично! Спасибо!