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Service updates on 03.10.2020


Dear Hyip.Space  Users!

We made a number of updates, they were gradual and implemented in the development process. Therefore, you have already know many things.

What was done:
1. Added emoji to the comment form
2. Improved search system hyip projects
3. Corrected the work of technical analysis for projects, namely:
- Hosting check
- Script check
- Design Uniqueness Check
- Check PerfectMoney wallet for matches
4. Changed the method of calculating the parameter "Technical analysis". 
Now we take data such as hosting, SSL encryption, script, design, wallet and several other technical characteristics. We analyze and set a point. As we collect data, we will improve this parameter.
5. Increased the quality of data collection on deposits and the purchase of advertising sites
6. Shared comments in project branches on pages, which reduced page load time.
7. Improved the display of user profiles in the comments.
8. Added “My projects” to user profiles. Now the projects that you are watching are always there.
9. We finalized the Investment Portfolio, improved the methodology for calculating your investments, corrected errors in reports, added new types of tariff plans. The investment portfolio is improving constantly.
10. Launched the Portfolio Race. This is a section where you can subscribe to investment portfolios of other users and monitor their contributions.In the future, as the service grows, this section will be most popular. Each investor can show his portfolio and sell a subscription to it. Subscription sales will be activated after the "balance replenishment" function is activated.
11. Set up password recovery and sending emails.
12. Debugged scam check, made additional checks. Projects will be moved to the scam only if several confirmations from different resources are received, or if the Hyip.Space operator does this manually.
13. We increased the number of sites from which we receive data about new projects. We also have a manual addition of projects. Thus, Hyip.Space has the largest and most relevant database of investment projects..
14. Wrote Hyip.Space service instructions. It will be supplemented.
15. If the project does not have a category, you can apply for assigning it a category and the operator will confirm it after checking.
16. Integrated into technical analysis blogs and monitors that paid the monthly fee.
17. Many internal software implementations that are not obscure for the average user.

Future plans:
1. Debug the English version of the site, complete the translation of sections.
2. Integrate automatic translation into comments
3. Improve the Investment Portfolio design and Portfolio Racing
4. Add a schedule of deposits based on the investment portfolio of users.
5. Add balance replenishment option
6. Finish the Health schedule . I do not like how it works now.
7. Mailing lists Implementation 
8. Realization of access to your personal account through social network accounts.
9. Telegram bot Realization 
10. Start an advertising campaign first in the CIS, then other countries.
11. Link Exchange Activation
12. Addition to service instructions
13. Service promo video recording

If you have any feedbacks about thework service or suggestions for improvement, write to us. We listen to the opinions of our users!

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