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Система уведомлений

Dear Hyip.Space Service Users! Hyip.Space.

We inform you that we have implemented a detailed notifications configuration on the service. There are a lot of different notifications on the service and you can specifically disable or enable each of them. And set up notifications by mail or in Private messages or both.

In the coming days we will complete the Telegram bot and you can configure notifications in it.

To set up notifications, go to your Profile, next to "Settings" and click on the "Notification Settings" tab.

What's next:

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the implementation of the points system due to the appearance of unforeseen work in the administrative part of the service. But next week we will return to this process. And we hope that this unique system will be implemented in the shortest possible time.

On Monday, we will clean the base of projects that are already in the scam. Unnecessary projects will be removed. We will improve the project monitoring system.

Already, service Hyip.Space  has the largest projects database from all aggregators, which is now. We search for projects not only on monitoring sites or blogs. Therefore, the process of tracking the project statuses  is complicated. But we solve this issue.

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